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Round cylinder DSNU - adjustable pneumatic cushioning series

Festo round pneumatic cylinders DSNU series have an adjustable pneumatic damping at both ends of the actuator cylinder. They have a piston rod of stainless steel with a 3-component system that delivers excellent performance and long service life. These double acting pneumatic actuators are double connection ports to apply compressed air to extend and retract the rod of the piston with a linear motion. An extensive range of accessories allows to install cylinders DSNU virtually anywhere.

Adjustable pneumatic cushioning

Pneumatic adjustable cushioning DSNU PPV type cylinders are equipped with a piston of special cushioning as an extension of the main piston. This pneumatic damping generates an air cushion that absorbs energy in the final standings, and accumulates and releases the air in a controlled manner. This method of energy absorption makes these cylinders ideal for medium and heavy loads and high speed applications.

Features and benefits

It conforms to standard ISO 6432 and provides standardized metric mounting dimensions
Stainless steel with threaded connector piston rod

Wide range of sizes of inner diameter and length of travel that can be configured to suit a wide range of applications.

Long service life

Double actuation operation

How do pneumatic cylinder mounts?

The series DSNU round pneumatic actuators comply with ISO 6432 standard, so it can be mounted in any position to suit the application in question. ISO 6432 standard sets the metric dimensions of Assembly of cylinders to Exchange most common hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Optional mounting accessories improve the flexibility, allowing you to assemble the cylinder with a swivel bracket so you can move it freely, with a base to improve the support with high loads or combining it with other actuators to expand the range of movement.

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