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Product no.: 39906

Based on the already successfully established SMARDATE, the next generation Smartdate 2 offers all the achievements and the flexibility of the orginal Smartdate.
The SMARDATE allows for replacement of thermal printing and rotary encoders in packaging machines and labeling machines.
There are versions for intermittent and continuous packaging machines. The SMARDATE for continuous movement does not require a braking system of film, it automatically synchronizes, and prints up to speeds of 600 mm per second.
The SMARDATE provides variable information printing high quality, reliability and versatility, including batch, expiry dates, graphics and bar codes on packaging materials such as films, sheets, labels, cellophane, plastic and cardboard.
SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Built to directly replace the foil and rotary encoders, the SMARTDATE2 is easy to install in the same position as existing coders, without the need to control or modify the film packaging machines.
INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: The automatic keypad code or just time ensures minimal adjustments. Select any data to print by pressing a button, NO more manual kerning or alignments, NO longer heating. Proper operation and high reliability ensure efficient operation.
COST REDUCTION: Reducing consumption of transfer tape to a minimum, thanks to continuous monitoring of progress sized independent label.
The unique interlocking system Markem, reduces the print density for an advance of ribbon in half. It does not require clichés, characters or recorded.
INCREASED QUALITY: Impressions consistent, clean and high quality. NO more temperature settings; NO NO requires alignments and more damaged bags or labels due to customer blocks. Availability of various fonts and sizes.

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Product no.: 80000

Markem Imaje Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Grade 3810 BK / Black

TTR Part # 813810090055BK

Machine(s):  SMARTDATE 3 / 5

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Product no.: 39902
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Product no.: 39903
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