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This CPU adds connectivity to any machine and brings all
Industry 4.0 services. The CPU can read 1 write 1 upgrade
the PLC of your machine via CAN Bus or serial port adapter.
The CPU allows 2 connection types :
• Bluetooth: Wireless devices within range can login.
• Ethernet: LAN or WiFi devices can login within the
factory by local network or worldwide by internet.
Once logged in, 3 operations are available:
1. Control : This is the default mode. Yo u can run the
machine from your device as main control.
Monitor: In t his mode you can see the working and
diagnosis of your machine in background . Main control
is not disabled during this operation .
.., Firmware: Upgrades the firmware of your machine,
sending a file from your device.

Firmware Features
• Multi-Screen: Master 1 S lave support, secondary
screen (tablet or mobile) can monitor the data from
main control, vía local network or vía cloud worldwide.
• Multi-User: Remete users can login into the CPU or
panel PC1 watch the camera in real time, get the
production data or read statistics charts, not
disturbing the operations in the main control.
• Windows API: Control and Monitoring of the machine
can be shared to the customer applications.
• Mobile App : I ncluded Android app (íOS planned) to
login into the CPU, vía Bluetooth, local network or
remote cloud and monitor the data in background
mode or control the machine as main operator.
• Firmware Upgrade: The firmware of the CPU can be
uploaded from the panel PC or cloud.
Bluetooth Connection
Bluetooth connection can be made from any wireless device
and allows to control the machine as a main connection.
Ethernet Connection
Ethernet connections uses TCP sockets. Main and
background connections can simultaneous login using
different socket ports.
Main connection is used for the main control (panel PC)
Background connections can be local or remote.
Local connections can be made within the local network.
Remete connections can be made worldwide, using a
cu stom cloud (like Apps4Rent) or similar.

Local Connection
To logi n into t he CPU, the user must connect as a TCP cl ient
socket, using t he proper port number and t he Host name of
the server. Host name consists in 2 header characters, for
example 'PC' or 'M H', depending if the user wants to login
into the panel PC or the multihead, followed by 4
hexadecimal uppercase characters, corresponding to the
serial number.
For example: Serial number 1111 from t he panel PC
corresponds to Host na me PC0457. Serial number 9999
from the mult ihead corresponds to Host name MH270F.
Once socket connection is stablished, user must send the
proper 128bit authentication key and t hen the server will
accept the connection if the key matches, otherwise server
will refuse the connection.

After connection is accepted, commands ca n be sent to the
CPU or panel PC.
First command selects the operation mode: Control,
Monitor or Upgrade. Secondary commands can be send
after choosing operation mode. For example: change
recipe, get statistics data, watch the camera or start/stop
the multihead.
Remote Connection
Remate connection works same as local connection . User
must connect to t he cloud IP as cl ient socket, using the
proper port and sending the proper key.
If accepted, the server links this connection to the
registered machine with t he same seri al number. Then,
primary and secondary commands can be send.
The cloud IP address and t he socket port number can be
customized in arder to match t he hosting provider

Remate connections can be used for online-assistance and
diagnostics from technical service or for monitoring the
production data by the customer, outside the factory ...
Local and remate connections can be simultaneous.
• Internet


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