Our Electronics adapts to all models of Tavil Multihead Weighers.

    A color touch LCD screen manages the weighing heads of the Tavil multi-head weighers, with 10, 12, 14 or 16 heads.

       The software allows us to count pieces or obtain the weight within the programmed margins.


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Through two communication channels manages the control of all equipment vibration control, load cells, and inputs and outputs.


LCD touch screen control. 50 programmable products.

System control via touch screen with a memory of 50 programs. All possible machine settings can be made from a single screen, the touch in the box and are automatically saved in its current work program.

  A single display can manage four different weighers.

With a single cable screen obtains control of the machine, it facilitates the location of it. Possibility of obtaining all production data using a printer. Automatic control possible damage.

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EP-515: Amplifier Module Load Cells.
• amplifies and processes the signal of a load cell.
• It can be fed to 9 VDC and 24 VDC and do not need symmetrical power supply (9 + 9V).
• Solve the problem of loss of configuration parameters of the previous model EP-405, which
and replaces obsolete.
• Does not require permanent power supply circuit (EP-535 module) necessary for modules
• Do not uti liza SUB-D 9-pin connectors and facilitates chained between modules by
flat cable connections, simplifying assembly.
• To replace an EP-405 module is necessary to change the main connector and place
an adapter for the communications cable. In one single head machines adaptation is
simple and multi-head machines is possible to interleave an EP-515 module in a chain
EP-405 modules, however in most cases it is preferable to continue using spare parts
EP-405 same type as Guiran still supplied.
• It has a "JUMPER" to insert a terminating resistor in the line of RS485 data. By
Therefore, to replace the last module in the chain needs to be moved to the new module JUMPER
to maintain RS485 line termination.
• The operation of the letter and the communications status is monitored by an indicator
green LED. When it flashes slowly, indicating that the module operates but does not communicate
with the TFT. When flashing rapidly, it indicates that you are communicating properly with the TFT.
• The state of the load cell is monitored with a red LED indicator:
Red LED off red LED flashing red LED lights steadily
Cell functioning properly cortoc: I ircuito in overload cell in the cell or the cell is not connected


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