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Product no.: 14308

KV-Windows® Ladder Builder Software allows users to program and debug PLC programs with advanced desktop simulation capabilities.
-Quick Debugging without a PC 
-User-friendly WindowR ladder software

LADDER BUILDER for KV allows you to specify a file comment to a ladder file. However, it cannot display a file comment when opening a file. To view the file comment, execute filecom.exe in the directory where 
LADDER BUILDER for KV is installed. When filecom.exe is running, you can view file comments when opening files. To quit filecom.exe, click the "x" mark at the upper right of the window displaying a file comment.

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Product no.: 9122



Number of outputs




Rated load voltage

250 VAC/30 VDC, 2 A (Inductive load), 4 A (Resistive load)

Rated output current

2 A/output (inductive load), 4 A/output (resistive load), 4 A/common

Leakage current (at OFF)

Residual voltage (at ON)

Startup operation time (OFF → ON)

10ms or less

Startup operation time (ON → OFF)

ON resistance

50 mΩ or less

Relay life span

Electrical: 100,000 times or more (20 times/minute), mechanical: 20,000,000 times or more

Relay replacement

Not possible

General specifications


Approx 130g

Output specifications

Common output


External connection method

Terminal block

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Product no.: 9121


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Product no.: 11031

With the KV series up to 4 expansion units can be added. Using these PLC s, it's easy to expand the number of I/O s. To achieve the input/output ratio that suits your needs, KV-16 expansion unit can be added in any combination of 3 to the KV-80 or KV-40. Any combination of 4 expansions units can be added to the other models.

New Ladder Builder support software enables you to debug your program on a PC screen without connecting to a PLC or other device.

The interrupt input instruction receives pulse signals as short as 25 µs regardless of the program cycle time, thus allowing real time processing.The KV series also provides two 10 kHz counters that are suitable for counting pulses with a high frequency.

Useful during startup, the analog timer trimmer enables you to adjust the values for timers and counters, in real time, based on actual operating conditions, with a range from 0 to 249. There are 2 analog timers in the KV-80, KV-40, and KV-24, and 1 in the KV-16 and KV-10.

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Product no.: 9448


KV-40 R


AC power supply type base unit

Input power supply voltage

Base unit

100 to 240 VAC (± 10%)

Allowable instantaneous outage time

Less than 40 ms

General specifications

Internal current consumption (24 VDC conversion value)

Base unit

180mA or less

Expansion unit

KV-E4X 20mA or less KV-E8X 25mA or less KV-E16X 35mA or less KV-E4T 25mA or lessKV-E8T (P) 40mA or less KV-E16T 60mA or less KV-E4R 40mA or less KV-E8R 70mA or lessKV-E16TP 70mA or less KV-E4XT (P) 30mA or less KV-E4XR 45mA or less KV-E16R 110mA or less


Operator panel KV-D20: 60 mA or less KL link adapter KL-N10V: 35 mA or less Programming console KZ-P3: 65 mA or less

Environmental resistance

Operating temperature range

0 to 50°C 32 to 122°F (no freezing), 0 to 45°C 32 to 113°F (KZ-P3)

Operating ambient humidity

35 to 85% RH (no condensation)

Ambient temperature for storage

-20 to 70°C -4 to 158°F (no freezing)

Withstand voltage

1,500 VAC for 1 minute (between the power supply terminal and the I/O terminals and between all the external terminals and the case)

Noise resistance

1,500 Vp-p or more, pulse width: 1 µs, 50 ns (by way of a noise simulator), conforms to EN standards (EN 61000-4-2/-3/-4/-6)

Shock resistance

Conforms to JIS C 0041, 150 m/s2 (15 G), operating time: 11 ms, 2 times in each of the 3 axial directions


Base unit

Approx 450g

Insulation resistance

50 MΩ or more (tested with a 500 VDC megger, between the power supply terminal and the input terminal and between all the external terminals and the case)

Environmental resistance

Ambient operating atmosphere

Minimal amount of dust and corrosive gas present


Expansion unit

KV-E4X: Approx 80 g, KV-E8X: Approx 100 g, KV-E16X: Approx 130 g, KV-E4T: Approx 80 g, KV-E8T (P): Approx 100 g, KV-E16T (P): Approx 130 g, KV-E4R: Approx 100 g, KV-E8R: Approx 130 g, KV-E16R: Approx 190 g, KV-E4XT (P): Approx 100 g, KV-E4XR: Approx 120 g


KZ-P3 Approx 230g KV-D20 Approx 160g KL-N10V Approx 80g

Vibration resistance

Intermittent vibration

Frequency: 10 to 57 Hz

Amplitude: 0.075 mm*1

Frequency: 57 to 150 Hz

Acceleration: 9.8 m/s2*1

Continuous vibration

Frequency: 10 to 57 Hz

Amplitude: 0.035 mm*1

Frequency: 57 to 150 Hz

Acceleration: 4.9 m/s2*1

*1 Conforms to JIS B 3502, IEC61131-2
Number of sweeps: 10 times respectively in the X, Y, and Z directions, 80 minutes

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Product no.: 16834
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Product no.: 16049
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