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The SC series contemplates capacities from 750kg to 1500kg in the C3 class. The cells are made of nickel-plated steel.

These materials offer significant advantages in permanent load and continuous duty applications. They ensure significant resistance to impact.

The gauges with their electronics are protected with a plasma welded stainless steel bellows that allows work in unfavorable environments. The robust construction offers together with our pivoting feet and boxesuu important advantages for the construction of platforms and weighing systems. Likewise, the dimensions of the body coincide with the SC2 series that allows homologated capacities from 100kg to 1500kg with the same construction model.

Nickel plated steel with stainless steel bellows: SC

All with IP-67 protection.

Length 3m, Ø 4mm. Consisting of 4 0.24mm² cables covered with Teflon, shielding mesh isolated from the metal body and overall black PVC covering.

Color code:

Power (+) red; Power (-) black.

Green output (+); Output (-) white.


Important advantages:

High accuracy. Approved for 3000d

Capacities from 750kg to 1500kg.

IP-67 protection.


Compatible in measurements with the SB2 model


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